OVERSEER and HerdHomes® shelters

In order for modelling programmes to be effective, data not only needs to be correct, but the way in which it is entered needs to be right. Unfortunately, wrong data can be gathered through misleading questions. Rather than expecting all model operators to know our product inside out, we have created a set of guidelines for them to use to ensure our clients get accurate nutrient budgets created.

Entering HerdHomes® shelters correctly into OVERSEER is crucial for getting the most accurate representation of your farming system in your nutrient budget. Here is a step by step process of how to enter a HerdHomes® shelter farm correctly (note this only applies to HerdHomes® shelter properties. This doesn’t apply to any other standoff facility):

Select under Farm Scenario, Structures:

Wintering pad, animal shelter or housing

Under Structures select:

Covered wintering pad or animal shelter
(due to a HerdHomes® shelter having a roof)

Bunker lining material:

No lining material
(no lining material is a bare concrete bunker, reference OVERSEER Best Practise Data Input Standards, page 19)

Bunker cleaning method:

Scraping (no water), tick scraped material stored in stack

Concrete feeding apron:

Do not tick
(yes, supplements are fed on concrete, but the effluent is managed the same as the loafing area therefore no concrete feeding apron should be selected. Reference OVERSEER Best Practise Data Input Standards, page 19)

Solids management:

If bunker manure is spread on selected blocks within the farm (i.e. not exported), please note that currently the model is overestimating manure volumes on several HHS client’s nutrient budgets. A quick way of checking this is through exporting and reviewing the NPKS from the whole farm nutrient budget. OVERSEER is aware there is a ‘bug’

With increasing environmental compliance, we strongly recommend owners get their bunker manure tested and keep records of where this manure is applied on or off farm. If for whatever reason your bunker manure has not been tested yet, please get in contact and we will able to give you a guide. 

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