Growing a strong business

Published 05/01/13
Expansion as part of a family succession plan is key for Kaikohe father and son dairy farmers Anthony and Peter Giesbers.
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Dry feet, happy cows

Published 30/11/12
Clear roofs, active air movement and slatted floors with underlying effluent bunkers can substantially improve different types of traditional housing for dairy cows, both in New Zealand and around the world.
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Limited grazing plugs N loss

Published 25/11/12
On-off grazing could help dairy farms in limbo under looming nitrate loss limits.
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Stock home helps save pasture, farmers energy

Published 15/11/12
A covered feedpad from HerdHomes® has helped a Hikurangi farmer and sharemilker take care of pastures and keep workload and waste down.
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Cover-up appeals to the cows

Published 05/10/12
Kiwi invention is offering more ‘dry’ options.
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Keeping cows undercover

Published 30/08/12
Patetonga farmers Peter and Mandy Paterson introduced a HerdHomes® to their farming system to ensure they were environmentally compliant.
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Steers at home in wintering shed

Published 20/05/12
The indoor wintering of dairy cows in New Zealand barely registers as interesting any more, but what about the indoor wintering of beef livestock?
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Drought – But not out

Published 30/01/11
Pre-Christmas, as drought loomed over the Waikato, Grant Wills and his sharemilker Steve Ironmonger were comfortable with their situation, although they had fed out all their miase silage through the wet spring
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