Good things come to those who wait

Published 16/12/13
Broadlands farmers Mike and Lisa Parnwell have taken recent accolades in their stride and are continuing to run their small but successful farming operation with little fuss.
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Feed pad roof turns liability into asset

Published 12/11/13
A retro-fitted roof turned a feed pad from a ‘complaint risk’ to a worthwhile asset says its Northland owner.
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Don’t waste your waste

Published 28/07/13
The company launched SlurryBugs, a product aiming to capture those nutrients, at Fieldays. It’s a biological effluent treatment containing aero...
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Effluent contains wealth

Published 27/07/13
Now that system four and five dairy farms account for 25% of the total, demand is growing for high profit, low footprint innovative management options...
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Increasing their options

Published 27/07/13
Dairy farmers Shaun and Fiona Kehely have tried various things in their drive to improve production. They say two HerdHomes® they have built ...
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Getting the balance right

Published 05/05/13
A Walton farm’s high milk production, despite the recent drought, and success in the Waikato Ballance Farm Environment Awards shows profit and environmental care can go hand in hand.
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HerdHomes builds on stronger trusses

Published 25/04/13
Stronger roof trusses are allowing HerdHomes® to span up to 20m, so farms can retro-fit the Waikato firm’s roofs over existing yards and pads.
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Farming is a family affair

Published 15/04/13
Northland’s Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year, brothers Ian and Tim Douglas, have in three years expanded further than most dairy farmers would in a lifetime.
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Brothers mean business

Published 05/04/13
When it comes to hit rate, the Douglas brothers from Titoki (Northland) shoot straight from the hip.
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Conversion focus in Canterbury

Published 05/03/13
The saying ‘Do it once, do it right’ applies perfectly to a new farm conversion.
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