Shelters not build on a whim

Published 15/04/14
A cover over the feed pad would reduce the size of the pond and effluent storage needed, but then you're a long way towards the cost of a building a HerdHomes® shelter
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It's a family tradition

Published 01/04/14
HerdHomes® shelter users, Tony and Zoe Kuriger have carried on the family legacy and won the Hawke's Bay/Wairarapa Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year title.
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Lameness and shelters - Fact or fiction?

Published 12/03/14
Inquiry levels for HerdHomes® shelters were strong at the recent Field Days at Waimumu. Farmers were actively exploring options that allowed them to meet or exceed proposed environmental limits but at the same time maintained or, ideally, improved productivity and profitability.
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Is going under cover the answer?

Published 18/02/14
Stand-off and covered stand-off structures might be the answer for farmers trying to balance higher stocking numbers and more stringent environmental demands, says Hamish McMillan, of HerdHomes®.
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Setting an example

Published 14/02/14
A Walton family is working to promote sustainable dairying practices. Gerald Piddock reports.
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A future to be proud of

Published 14/02/14
Dairying wasn't exactly in this couple's blood although her father was once a milkman and his grandparents owned a sheep, beef and maize operation, writes Anne Boswell
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Cows come first in housing designs

Published 11/02/14
Covered pads and barns are specially built facilities where animals can be contained off pasture for lengthy times. According to DairyNZ, they are often combined with feeding facilities where supplementary feed is brought to the animal on the pad.
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Self-managing cows with access to housing

Published 11/02/14
The changes in New Zealand dairy farming systems are advancing at a great rate as farmers react to environmental and public pressure.
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Efficiency, welfare, environmental gains

Published 29/01/14
The changes in New Zealand dairy farming systems are advancing at a great rate as farmers react to environmental pressure.
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Going under cover may be the answer

Published 21/01/14
It's not just shelter; it's a management system on how we can enhance pastoral grazing systems with shelter
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