HerdHome helps create a resilient farm system for Walton dairy farmers

Published 07/03/18
Warwick Wilcock remembers the moment he and wife Adrienne decided to invest in a barn for their cows. It was 2012, and they were struggling through a ...
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Striking gold with their business

Published 07/02/18
Paul and Andrea Stevenson are the 2017 West Cost Dairy Business of the Year winners. They were first time entrants. Read more here
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Animal welfare concerns are the new reality

Published 08/01/18
New Zealand dairying must anticipate the environmental and animal welfare perceptions of members of the public, learning from experiences in the Unite...
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Couple work towards ownership

Published 06/11/17
"Everyone bags ayrshires and it annoys me. I like to prove them wrong," says Hayden Slack. Hayden and wife Ellisa are equity partners with Hayde...
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Laid back and loving it

Published 20/09/17
"Compared to the all grass system we left behind, we now spend about $130K on bought-in feeds, but we have seen milksolids rise by around 90,000kg. You do the maths."
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Comfy cows prove case for cover

Published 18/09/17
Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) is working to make it easier for dairy farmers to make investment decisions and improve their farm performance through the Farm Sysytems Change initiative. It aims to close the gap between top-performing dairy farms and the rest of the industry.
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A performance based system growing into the future

Published 12/09/17
MPI has worked with farmers and industry experts to develop case studies of high-performing dairy farms across New Zealand. The case studies provide a...
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Powered up to system seven

Published 28/08/17
Cows are fanatical foragers and will source through their feed for A-grade treats so having a decent mixer wagon to finely cut and jumble different su...
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Keeping it simple

Published 15/07/17
"We have been winter milking 220 of the 600 cows for the past 18 years, but the operation had become very complicated and expensive to run so we were keen to simplify the whole system," Matthew says.
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Nothing magical in healthy happy cows

Published 29/11/16
Butterworth refers to one major decision that was a turning point for his farm: in 2012 he erected two HerdHomes, each holding 250 cows. He made this decision realising he was not always succeeding in his quest to farm healthy, happy cows; but the HerdHomes changed that.
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