The country's waterways are not greatly affected by the use of fertiliser on farm when certain factors are taken into account.

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The Press, Barns are increasingly being erected on dairy farms to provide shade for cows at risk of heat stress from increasingly hot summer weather

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Farmers Weekly, Canterbury farmer feeding the herd with the optimal blend of feed and enough of it is seeing great results.

Dairy News, reduce greenhouse gas by farming smarter not reducing stock numbers.


New artical posted by Waikato Disctric Council. Worth the read!

When buying land to use as a support block, you need to take all factors into consideration, Jeremy Bennett says.


Even if the forecast payout is looking woeful, West Coast farmers Paul and Andrea Stevenson keep adding concentrates to the cows' diet to achieve high production because that spreads costs and the load on their debt.


Jeff Mann graduated with an accountancy/economics degree from Otago University and got a job in an acountant's office. However, he soon realised that an inside job was not for him, and he eventually made the switch to farming, a decision he has never regretted.


The low milk price in 2013 was not the ideal time for a multimillion dollar dairy conversion let alone one writing its own blueprint. But, as Neal Wallace reports, North Otago's John and Ruby Foley had a vision and a goal and they were determined to see it through.


Four years of panning for gold on the West Coast didn't make Paul Stevenson a millionaire but in a way his dairy farm near Kumara got a lot closer to the jackpot.

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