About HerdHomes®

HerdHomes® Systems was originally invented by Northland dairy farmers Tom and Kathy Pow to address the ever present issue of animal welfare and care.

The Pow's have a dairy farm in Northland and weren't satisfied with recommended wintering facilities. Having used cubicle barns, concrete, metal, wood chips, sawdust stand off areas and sacrifice paddocks, there was frustration that all systems failed before weather extremes ended and staff work loads significantly increased. 

The issues with traditional cubicle barns, stand off pads and sacrifice paddocks include:

  • Stock health and welfare
  • Complicated effluent systems
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Staff problems
  • Pugging of pasture

These problems had to be solved while increasing the profitability of the farm.

The Pow's started with HerdHomes® Shelters on their Northland dairy farms. Over the past few years several design changes have occurred following feedback from users and research work.

The business has rapidly grown and HerdHomes® Shelters are now located all over the country. Considerable benefits are being gained throughout  the season with huge gains to be made from summer, winter and between.

The introduction of shade cloth and a vented roof option has significantly reduced summer heat stress on cows. The clever airflow design ensures that during cold periods of the year, the cows own body heat is fully utilised to help maintain warmth of the animals in the shelter. When this heat combines with trapped solar energy it  assists with drying of the floor.

This patented technology means the stock are not only naturally keeping their shelter clean, they are keeping themselves warm in winter and cool in summer. 

HerdHomes® Systems provide a profitable innovative farming solutions even at reduced payouts. There shelters have the added advantage of protecting farmers from the effects of weather extremes and its associated negative effect on production, something that can be crippling in reduced payout years.

Contented cows, happy staff, reduced fertiliser costs, better pasture and profits. Talk with HerdHomes® today to find out more about how together we can devise the best solution for your herd and farm.

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