HerdHomes Herd Shelters

The original HerdHomes® shelter includes a very low maintenance slatted floor over effluent bunkers (either 1.2m or 1.5m deep).

There is no on-going maintenance requirements with effluent deposited within the shelter, because it simply falls through the slats into below storage bunkers.

During low light, damp periods, straw or rubber matting can be placed on the slats to help cow comfort. If straw is used, it will gradually work its way through the slats without human invention.

Bunkers are designed to be cleaned out either through a dry dig out, or through a wet slurry removal once or twice a year, depending on the farming system.
Having a large open sheltered area means there is maximum flexibility of potential uses, such as a feed pad, stand-off pad, calving and splitting herds. 

Shelters can be either two or three bunkers wide. Three bunker options have the benefit of increased effluent storage capacity and cleaner stock due to the reduction of solid concrete areas.

For further information talk to us about the best herd shelter solution for your farm.

Herd Homes shelter in south island winter snow