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HerdHomes® shelters

A HerdHomes® Shelter is a covered area in which animals can relax, be fed, and lie down in comfort - all with a built-in and sustainable effluent system. It has many vital benefits for both farmer and herd - specifically increased animal welfare, reduced environmental impacts, increased milk production and a reduction in fertiliser costs.

Farming practices have changed a lot over the past decade. This HerdHomes® shelter system combines the best features of traditional stand-off areas, feed pads, and loafing areas into one innovative farming solution, with the added benefit of protecting the animal from hot summer sun, harsh winds and freezing winter temperatures.

HerdHomes® Shelters have so far been constructed on more than 300 farms across New Zealand. They’ve been tested and proven in the most challenging conditions; with large environmental and financial gains illustrated on numerous farms. 

HerdHomes® shelters are a unique combination of:

  1. Clear and curved roof
  2. Open sides and feed strips along the side
  3. Concrete grated floor
  4. Built in effluent system
  5. Effluent treatment

We encourage you to talk with us to find out more about how HerdHomes® can devise the best solution for your farming situation and regional climate. 

HerdHomes® Systems Overview

Operating a HerdHomes® Shelter

Meeting Environmental & Profit Targets

Effluent Management with HerdHomes Shelters

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